Perfect for beginners and experienced lash enthusiasts alike. These lashes will last 3+ times, with proper care.
Transitioning from another brand? This is the perfect trial kit!
Remember: Longevity takes practice. Expect 1-3 days for your first few applications. Your main focus is to get your placement right; then, play with different techniques for longevity.
Complimentary in-person or online assistance available.
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  • Applicator


    A decorated wand carried by a queen.

    Custom made specifically for DIY Lash Extensions™. Its unique design ensures a precise application and a strong bond.

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  • Cluster Lash Bond


    Latex-free adhesive that is formulated to dry with a flexible hold. Gentle on sensitive eyes and will not disturb the growth of your natural lashes. See more info to help you decide which bond is right for you.

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  • Liquid Lash Coating


    Unlike any other sealant due to its transparency. Allows natural and lash clusters to bond together without leaving a visible film. Nourishes with hyaluronic acid and increases longevity.

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  • Lash Clusters

    Basic B - C Curl

    Each kit comes with 1 set of 10mm and 1 set of 12mm. This style resembles a traditional lash look and is the perfect lash for a beginner. These can be reused 3+ times with proper care.

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