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Ethereal Collection - Volume 3

Ethereal Collection - Volume 3

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Introducing the Volume 3 from our Ethereal Collection, a testament to the latest in lash innovation. Crafted with our groundbreaking Tripod Lash Fibers, these lashes redefine lightweight comfort, making them feel as if they're an extension of your very own lashes.

Volume 3 is designed to give you a light, fluffy, and fluttery effect, these lashes effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. The delicately tapered fibers create a mesmerizing natural lash effect that is sure to captivate and charm.

Why choose Volume 3?

  • Natural Volume: The tapered fibers mimic the natural variation of real lashes, offering a seamless blend with your own.
  • Featherlight Comfort: Thanks to our Tripod Lash Fibers, you'll forget you're even wearing them.
  • Fluffy & Fluttery: Achieve a dreamy, ethereal look that adds just the right amount of drama without being overpowering.
  • DIY Friendly: Perfect for those who love to personalize their look, Volume 3 is easy to apply and adjust to your desired effect.
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