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Ethereal Collection - Volume 4

Ethereal Collection - Volume 4

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Step into the spotlight with the Volume 4 DIY Lash Extension, the latest in lash design for the discerning beauty aficionado. This isn't just another lash; it's a revolution in eyelash aesthetics.

Triangular Tip Fibers: At the heart of Volume 4 lies our pioneering triangular tip fibers. These unique tips are expertly designed to emulate the natural variation of genuine lashes, ensuring an impeccable and organic blend with your own.

Harmonious Blend of C and D Curl Fibers: Volume 4 boasts a masterful mix of C and D curl fibers. The C curl offers that gentle, natural lift, while the D curl introduces a hint of dramatic flair. Together, they craft a gaze that's both mesmerizing and balanced.

Wispy Fluttery Elegance: With Volume 4, achieve that dreamy, wispy finish you've always desired. Each fiber promises a fluttery elegance, turning every blink into a mesmerizing dance.

From casual outings to grand soirées, the Volume 4 DIY Lash Extension is your ticket to a look that's both sophisticated and trendsetting. Dive into the future of lash design with Volume 4 and let your eyes captivate every audience.

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