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DIY Lash Extensions™ Starter Kit

DIY Lash Extensions™ Starter Kit

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HERRlash by HERRbeauty

simplifies traditional lash extensions by providing a completely customizable and damage- free alternative. Salon quality lashes can be achieved in minutes and lasts for days. Plus, they are reusable!



HERRlash DIY Lash Extensions™ are applied using an underlash application technique. Small segments of lashes are applied underneath the natural lash to create a seamless look. The lashes are applied using a flexible cluster lash bond which does not harden, allowing natural lashes to grow and move freely while wearing HERRlash segments. To secure the segments to the natural lash, we use a fusing technique with our customized lash applicator. This ensures a seamless, long-lasting salon quality result.


2  sets of flexible lash clusters 

1 set of 10 clusters in 10mm Length - Basic B Style - C Curl
1 set of 10 clusters in 12mm Length - Basic B Style - C Curl
Our Basic B style lash most resembles a classic lash extension application. This style is best suited for beginners because it provides a natural look and is a great starter lash due to its ease of application.


1 Flexible Cluster Lash Bond  

A latex-free, water-resistant, vegan adhesive that has been formulated to dry with a flexible hold. It has a 3-5 day hold and includes a micro mascara applicator tip for the perfect application. This adhesive is specifically designed to be gentle on sensitive eyes and will not disturb the growth of any of your natural lashes. 

1 Scepter

 A lightweight, custom made wand that has been specifically designed for DIY lash extensions. Its unique design will ensure a precise application and a strong bond, while its dulled tips will ensure safety. A decorated wand that is the perfect accessory for a queen!

1 Liquid Lash Coating

This ultimate sealer is designed to help semi-cure flexible cluster lash bond, while simultaneously nourishing the lash with hyaluronic acid and increasing the retention of lash clusters. This product is easy to use and perfect for lash professionals and enthusiasts. When applying, use a thin layer through the entire lash line once clusters are applied. You can use daily to help prolong the life of the clusters. Additionally, apply to applicator arms before fusing to avoid sticking clusters.

This sealer is unlike other sealants due to its transparency, allowing for natural and lash clusters to fuse together without leaving a visible film. Plus, it is easy to remove when cleansing lashes for reuse, making it an ideal choice for those looking to extend their lash clusters’ life. With this revolutionary sealer, your lash stash is sure to be complete!


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