Pro Tips: 

Use a tilting magnifying mirror to see the lash line better.

Curl your natural lashes.

Use Lash Sealant on the arms of the Scepter when securing the lashes to prevent sticking.

Do not secure the lashes with the Scepter until you are happy with your placement. 

Do not get discouraged if you don't get it right away. You may need a few tries to get the correct angle and placement


Step 1: Preparation

You will need :

Lint-free pad, oil-free makeup remover or isopropyl alcohol, lash segments, Herr cluster lash bond, and Scepter.

Remove all makeup using an oil-free makeup remover on a lint free pad. 

Use Prime Time Lash Prep to prepare lashes.

Allow lashes to dry

Step 2: Apply the bond

Apply bond to underside of lashes, about 1-2mm from waterline, only at the base. Do Not Pull To The Tips! 

Step 3: Remove lash segment from package

Gently push the segment from the sticky part of the card until released, and pick it up with your applicator. See how here

Step 4: Optional

Apply bond to the top flat portion of the segment that will attach to the natural lash. 

Step 5: Apply Lash

Hold your applicator vertically and grab the lash segment by the center fibers at the tip. Try not to get too close to the band or you risk getting bond on your applicator. If this happens, just wipe with alcohol swab and restart. 

Gently place the lash segment on the outer corner of your natural lashes (leaving a couple of natural lashes free at the end). The segment should attach fairly easily. Use the back end of the applicator to push the segment on better, if necessary. 

Pick up another lash segment, place this one next to the first, slightly over lapping. 

Repeat steps until you have reached the inner corner. 

Step 6: Securing the segments

Take a quick look at the underside of your lashes to ensure the lash line of the segments are aligned. If you are happy with your placement, it's now time to secure your lashes.

Clamp the scepter arms on the sealer brush to coat the arms. Beginners tend to use a little too much bond initially and the Scepter may stick during fusing. This will prevent this from happening. 

Position lashes between the arms of the Scepter and clamp together. This will ensure the lash segments are secure to your natural lash. 



Fully saturate lashes with lash cleansing gel or with dual-phased makeup remover. Let sit for about 30 seconds. Lashes will loosen and you can wipe them away.

Do not pull if there is resistance. Repeat Step 1 and let the remover do the work

If there is excess residue on the natural lash, apply lash cleansing gel. Let gel sit for 30 seconds and wipe with lint-free pad. 

Note: Adhesive should not be excessive on your natural lash. When applying your segments, adhesive should be mainly focused on the band of the segment and/or the base of the natural lash.


Soak in isopropyl alcohol until adhesive becomes tacky.

Excess adhesive on lash segment will be visible. You can rub the adhesive off using lash cleansing wand.

Reuse segments as many times as needed. See video of how to cleanse for reuse here.