At Herr Beauty Co. we realize that applying false lashes can be overwhelming. Our system is designed to be easier than any other false lash that you have tried. As with anything new, it is important to take your time and practice the application to get comfortable. With a little patience and practice, you will be able to apply your lashes in no time. Most people need a couple of tries before getting the application just right. The first application, you should get 3-5 days. Our experienced users can apply their lashes in less than 10 minutes and they last up to 2 weeks.

Below you will find some of the common issues that people have when first starting with this system. If you need help, our experienced staff is here to help troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have.

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Why won't my lash segments stick to my natural lashes?

If there is any bond on the applicator, your segments prefer to stick to the applicator. Another reason may be because the bond hasn't had time to get tacky. When the bond is tacky, it grabs like a magnet.

Solution: Wipe the arms of the applicator after applying every segment. Try holding the segment at the very tip so no bond transfers to the applicator. Wait 30 seconds or so for the bond to become tacky. 

I can't get all of the lash bond off my natural lashes!

You should not have much lash bond on your natural lashes at all. You only need the bond on the areas that the segments will attach to. If you have trouble with removing lash bond off your lashes, you need to use less bond (see next question).

Solution: Use our Lash Cleansing Gel and allow to soak for a few minutes. 

How do I know how much bond to use?

Bond should only be applied to about 1/3 of your natural lash. The bond should not seep through the lashes or stick to your applicator. Do not use the black bond like a mascara until you are comfortable with the amount of bond you need. This will cause your lashes to become clumpy and difficult to remove the bond. 

Why are my lashes sliding off overnight?

Most times, the answer is too much bond. 
The bond is designed to never fully cure. This ensures the system is damage free and allows your natural lashes to breathe and grow freely. If too much bond is used, the lashes will remain tacky and the bond will not even semi cure. 

Solution: Using the sealant can help with this until you get the right amount of bond. 

Why are my lashes sticky?

This is a result of too much bond. Try a little less during your next application.

Solution: Use our Liquid Lash Coating

How can I use the black bond without getting it all over my lashes?

There are a few ways you can use the black bond with the micro-mascara wand: 

Curve the wand into a C-Shape


Apply the bond only to the lash segment band


Apply the bond using a vertical dabbing motion instead of applying it horizontally. Place black dots along the lash line around 1-2mm from the waterline. 

How can I use the white bond without getting it all over my lashes?

To use the white/clear bond without creating a mess on your lashes you can :

Use the tip of the lash brush vertically and place small dabs of white bond along the lash line, about 1-2mm from the waterline 

Apply the white bond only to the lash segment band

Help! I showered and my lashes came off!! 

Our lashes are water-resistant. However, hot water and steam in excess amounts can cause the lash bond to soften.

Solution: Allowing them to air dry before touching them will prevent any casualties. Once your lashes have air-dried, give them a fuse to ensure they are secure. 

Should I be able to feel my lash segments? They feel like they are poking. 

You should not feel your lash segments when they are applied properly. 

Try applying the lash segments a little further away from the lash line. If you are at least 1mm away, move to 2mm away. Also, if the lash segments are not overlapping, this can cause lifting on the edges of some segments, and will result is a poking feeling. Make sure you are overlapping your segments so they are seamless. 

My eyes are watering more when I am wearing my lash segments?

This can be for a couple of reasons. First off, you may have the segments applied too close to the waterline. Secondly, you may have used too much bond. 

Solution: Apply segments at least 1-2mm from the waterline. 

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