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Ultra-Hold Replacement Tape

Ultra-Hold Replacement Tape

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This replacement tape is known for its exceptional strength and stickiness, making it one of the most durable tapes available. Suitable for all hair systems. 

Size: 1/4" - the perfect fit for your discreet tape wefts. 

Wear Duration: 4+ weeks under ideal conditions.

Easy To Apply: Comes in a convenient roll for straightforward application. 

Gentle: Dermatologist tested and safe for skin contact. 

Clear Tape: It is a transparent tape with a semi-dull finish.

Size: 6 yards - you should get 3 - 4 installs with this amount of tape. 

Waterproof: Stays secure through moisture and daily activities.

Residue Level & Removal: leaves a high level of residue, indicative of its strong hold. Removal is a little more challenging, leaving more residue on the weft and in the hair. 

Peel the tape from the roll and cut to desired length. Avoid touching the adhesive. Place the cut piece onto the weft and press firmly to secure. 

Store in dry, well ventilated area. Shelf life is 12 months. 

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