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Herr Beauty Co.

Ultimate Lash Care Kit

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The all-in-one solution for the DIY lash extension enthusiast: our Ultimate Lash Care Maintenance Kit. Designed for those who adore their DIY lash extensions, this kit ensures the longevity and condition of your lashes, allowing for multiple reuses with the same flawless look.

Inside the Kit:

    • Removal Pads: Crafted for a gentle yet effective removal, ensuring your under-eye area remains unharmed.
    • Disposable Foaming Cleansing Wipes: These lash-loving wipes are your first step to ensuring your extensions are free from daily grime.
    • Lash Laundry Detergent: A unique formula that delicately cleanses, ensuring your lashes retain their shape and luster.
    • Lash Cleansing Wands: Precision-designed for a thorough cleanse, ensuring every lash segment is ready for its next application.
    • Lash Stash Storage Bag: Keep your precious maintenance products safe, clean, and organized, ready for their next use.
    • Lash Remover: This DIY Lash Remover is expertly formulated to gently and effectively remove your lash extensions, leaving your natural lashes clean, healthy, and ready for your next lash adventure
  • Each item also sold separately. 
Ultimate Lash Care Kit - Herr Beauty Co.