Perfect for beginners and experienced lash enthusiasts alike. These lashes will last 3+ times, with proper care.
Transitioning from another brand? This is the perfect trial kit!
Remember: Longevity takes practice. Expect 1-3 days for your first few applications. Your main focus is to get your placement right; then, play with different techniques for longevity.
Complimentary in-person or online assistance available.
Community/Peer support found in our exclusive lash group. Join here
  • Applicator


    A decorated wand carried by a queen.

    Custom made specifically for DIY Lash Extensions™. Its unique design ensures a precise application and a strong bond.

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  • Cluster Lash Bond


    Latex-free adhesive that is formulated to dry with a flexible hold. Gentle on sensitive eyes and will not disturb the growth of your natural lashes. See more info to help you decide which bond is right for you.

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  • Liquid Lash Coating


    Unlike any other sealant due to its transparency. Allows natural and lash clusters to bond together without leaving a visible film. Nourishes with hyaluronic acid and increases longevity.

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  • Lash Clusters

    Basic B - C Curl

    Each kit comes with 1 set of 10mm, 1 set of 12mm, & 1 set of 14mm. This style resembles a traditional lash look and is the perfect lash for a beginner. These can be reused 3+ times with proper care.

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What Makes Herr Lashes Different From Other DIY Lashes?

Herr has created a complete system that works together to insure your natural lash health.
Lash Segments contain a fine glue-based thin band and has no excess band to trim, ensuring a perfect, seamless fit right out of the packaging.
Herr has styles with triangular tip fibres, making them 70% lighter than most DIY lashes.
Herr has styles that you won't find anywhere else, crafted to perfection, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Can I Use Another Brands Products With Herr Lashes?

While it's generally recommended to use Herr Lash products together for optimal results, you can use other brands' lash extension products with Herr Lash DIY lash extensions while transitioning. However, it's important to note that using different brands' products together may affect the performance, compatibility, and longevity of the lashes.

How Long Can I Wear Them At Once?

The longevity of Herr Lash DIY lash extensions can vary depending on several factors, including your natural lash growth cycle, care routine, and individual lifestyle. On average, they can be worn for 5-7 days before requiring a touch-up or replacement.

Are Herr Lash DIY Lash Extensions Waterproof?

Herr Lash DIY lash extensions are designed to be water-resistant. There are methods you can take to ensure that they stay in place even in wet or humid conditions. This allows you to enjoy your lashes without worrying about smudging or losing their hold due to water exposure.

Will These Work With Naturally Short Lashes?

Yes, Herr Lash segments can work with short lashes. The underlash application technique allows for seamless integration, regardless of the length of your natural lashes. The flexible lash clusters can be strategically placed to enhance and extend the appearance of your lashes, providing a beautiful and natural look.

Can I Wear Glasses When I Wear These?

Absolutely! Many of our customers wear glasses. If you find that a longer length C curl is touching, opt for the same length in D Curl.

Are They Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Herr Lash DIY lash extensions are free of all common allergens. The lash adhesive and products are specifically formulated to be gentle on the skin and suitable for individuals with sensitive eyes or allergies. This ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience when wearing the lash extensions.

Will These Damage My Natural Lashes?

No! Our bonds are specially formulated to remain flexible, allowing your natural lashes to grow. In combination with our application technique, our system provides a safe and damage-free alternative to traditional lash extensions or daily strip lashes.

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