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Liquid Lash Final Coat

Liquid Lash Final Coat

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This ultimate sealer is designed to help semi-cure flexible cluster lash bond, while simultaneously nourishing the lash with hyaluronic acid and increasing the retention of lash clusters.


This product is easy to use and perfect for lash professionals and enthusiasts.

When applying, use a thin layer through the entire lash line once clusters are applied. Use daily to help prolong the life of the clusters. Additionally, apply to applicator arms before fusing to avoid sticking clusters.


This sealer is unlike other sealants due to its transparency, allowing for natural and lash clusters to fuse together without leaving a visible film. Plus, it is easy to remove when cleansing lashes for reuse, making it an ideal choice for those looking to extend their lash clusters’ life.


With this revolutionary sealer, your lash stash is sure to be complete!






Also available in our new lash kits in a 5mL bottle.

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