Why Herr Beauty is the Best Choice for DIY Lash Extensions?

Why Herr Beauty is the Best Choice for DIY Lash Extensions?

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Ever wondered why Herr Beauty Co. lashes have become the talk of the town? From affordability to flexibility, Herr Beauty Co. has become the go-to choice for many. But what makes it the best? Let's dive in!

Why Herr Beauty Co. is the Best Choice for DIY Lash Extensions

Unique Selling Points of Herr Beauty Co.

  1. Canada’s First & Leading Award-Winning DIY Lash Extensions System: Herr Beauty Co. is not just another brand; it's a pioneer in the DIY lash extension industry in Canada. With its award-winning system, you're assured of top-notch quality.
  2. No Excess Band: One of the most significant pain points with DIY lash extensions is the excess band that often requires clipping. Herr Beauty Co. has addressed this issue head-on. Their lash segments come without any excess band, ensuring a perfect fit right out of the package.
  3. Triangular Tip Fibers: Herr Beauty Co. has introduced styles with triangular tip fibers, making them 70% lighter than most DIY lashes available in the market. This not only ensures comfort but also gives a more natural look.
  4. Exclusive Styles: Herr Beauty Co. offers some styles that you won't find anywhere else. Each style is crafted to perfection, ensuring that there's something for everyone.
  5. Clean and Residue-Free: Say goodbye to sticky residues left on the lash band from packaging. Herr Beauty Co. ensures that each lash is clean and ready to use.
  6. Fine Thin Band: The fine thin band ensures that the lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, giving a more natural look.
  7. Exceptional Customer Service: Herr Beauty Co. is renowned for its outstanding customer service. The team goes above and beyond to ensure every customer’s needs are met, and any concerns are addressed promptly.
  8. A Woman-Owned Brand with Hands-On CEO: Connie is deeply involved in most aspects of the business, ensuring that the brands values and quality are upheld. Her hands-on approach means that she listens to what customers want, making continuous improvements based on their feedback.


Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Herr Beauty Co. boasts a stellar rating of 4.7 based on thousands of reviews. Customers rave about the ease of application and the stunning results. Check out our Review page to view these Verified reviews.


Why You’ll Love DIY Lashes Extensions


  • Pocket-Friendly Perfection: Herr Beauty DIY lash extensions are priced under $10 per set and are reusable.
  • Flexibility at Its Finest: Unlike traditional salon-applied lash extensions, Herr Beauty DIY Lash Extensions give you control. You can easily remove and reuse them as per your convenience.
  • Bye-Bye, Mascara Woes: With Herr Beauty DIY Lashes, you no longer have to worry about mascara smudging or clumping.
  • Gentle and Hypoallergenic: Herr Beauty Co. prioritizes lash health. Their products are hypoallergenic and free from harmful ingredients.
  • For the Active Souls: Whether you're into sports, work, or any other activity, Herr Beauty DIY Lash Extensions are perfect for those always on the move.



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