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Herr Beauty Co. Guide: Size Matters - Navigating the World of Lash Length

Hey Lash Lovelies! 💖

At Herr Beauty, we believe that when it comes to lashes, size does matter! With our lash segments ranging from 8mm-18mm, let's decode the perfect length for your eyes and occasion.

Everyday Lash or Night Out Lash?
Before diving into sizes, ask yourself: "Am I going for a casual coffee date look or a glamorous gala night vibe?"

1. Everyday Elegance:
For that subtle day-to-day charm, precision is key. Lashes that are too long or heavy can be a tad unkind to your natural lashes if worn often. Stick to a length that's 2-3mm more than your natural lash. For most, 12mm hits the sweet spot. And for that seamless blend, 8mm or 10mm lashes work wonders on the inner and outer corners.

2. Night Out Glam:
For those nights where you want to shine a tad brighter, go 3-4mm beyond your natural lash length. Aim for a fuller lash style, but ensure it doesn't overshadow your natural lashes' density.

Lash Length 101:

  • 8mm: Short and sweet. Ideal for inner and outer corners.

  • 10mm: A natural short. Perfect for the corners and brick-stacking. If your natural lashes are on the shorter side or you're aiming for volume over length, this is your pick.

  • 12mm: The go-to natural. It adds both length and volume, making it a favorite for daily wear.

  • 14mm: For the long lash lovers. If you're blessed with long lashes but crave that extra oomph, or if you're channeling a cat-eye look, this is for you.

  • 16mm-18mm: Bold and beautiful. These are for the drama queens, especially those with deep-set eyes.

Remember, while these are guidelines, beauty is all about expressing yourself. Feel free to experiment and find what makes YOU feel fabulous.






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