Herr Beauty Co. Guide: Common Mistakes When Applying DIY Lashes

Herr Beauty Co. Guide: Common Mistakes When Applying DIY Lashes

Hey there, Lash Lovelies!
Ready to rock those lashes like a pro and avoid those oh-so-common blunders? You've got this, and I'm here to help you slay the lash game with some top-notch tips!

First things first, let's talk bond – more is not always better! No one wants heavy, sticky, clumpy lashes, right? So, when applying the bond, remember not to go crazy and cover your entire natural lash with it. Keep it chill, starting about 1mm from your waterline and halfway up your natural lash. Avoid those dreaded lash clumps by applying the bond a bit lower, okay?

Now, about that Scepter – keep it squeaky clean! Wipe off the sticky bond residue with rubbing alcohol so your lash segments won't go sticking to it like they're best buds. And patience, my dear! Let the bond get all tacky for about 30 seconds before you start adding those fabulous lashes. Tacky bonds mean easier and longer-lasting lash love!

Let's talk seamlessness! We want those lash segments to blend like they were born to be together. So, overlap them a bit – just a little bit, not too much! It'll create that flowing, oh-so-seamless look you desire. No more awkward lash segments hanging out on their own – we're all about that perfect blend!

Now, here's the secret sauce to long-lasting lashes: Lash prep, baby! Make sure your lashes and the surrounding area are ready for some serious bonding action. Oils and natural stuff can mess things up, so give 'em a good prep with our Prime Time Lash Prep – the ultimate power-up for lash longevity!

Removal time! No yanking and risking those lovely natural lashes, please. Use our Lash Cleansing Gel to break down the bond, and voilà – your lashes will slide off like a dream! Clean 'em up, prep 'em with the Prime Time Lash Prep, and they'll be ready for round two!

Uncomfy lashes? That's a no-go! If you feel them being a bit pesky, try applying them a tiny bit further from the lash line – that should do the trick! And hey, let those segments overlap like the best BFFs – no lifting, no poking, just pure lash bliss.

Alright, my lash-loving mavens, you're all set to conquer the world, one lash at a time! Remember, there's no lash challenge you can't handle with these tips in your lash arsenal. Go forth and flutter those lashes like the fabulous DIY Lash Babes you are! Keep it fun, sassy, and lash-tastic! You've officially graduated from Lash School with flying colors!






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