Herr Story

In the challenging landscape of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, the essence of self-care took on a new meaning. With salons shuttered and routines disrupted, the need for DIY beauty solutions became more evident than ever. It was in this backdrop that Herr Beauty Co. was born, with a commitment to fuse convenience, affordability, and luxury in every product.

At the heart of Herr Beauty's offerings is the HerrLash DIY Lash Extensions™ System. A trailblazer in its own right, this system stands unparalleled in the Canadian beauty market, offering a unique blend of quality and ease.

The brainchild behind Herr Beauty is not just a businesswoman but a resilient spirit juggling the roles of a "part-time single parent" and a professional. Understanding firsthand the challenges of carving out 'me-time' in a hectic schedule, she recognized the value of beauty solutions that fit seamlessly into one's life. The inspiration? A nifty lash application technique from a 2008 YouTube video, which became the talk of the town, signalling the potential of a game-changing product.

Navigating the digital realm has its own set of challenges. In our journey, we've faced undue pressure and unsolicited tactics from competitors who feel threatened by our rapid growth and unique offerings. But instead of being deterred, we've taken these as signs of our growing influence in the industry. We believe in healthy competition and fostering a community where businesses uplift each other.

As Herr Beauty's founder, there's immense pride in presenting a lash solution that's not just customizable but also kind to your natural lashes. The award-winning kit, coupled with top-tier lash products, promises a salon-like finish in mere minutes, right from the comfort of your home.

But Herr Beauty's ethos goes beyond products. The pricing reflects a brand philosophy that's centered around its community. It's not so much about profit as it is about empowering and serving you.

Our Unwavering Mission: To bestow every woman with the means to craft her signature lash look, devoid of time pressures and external commitments.

Our Visionary Goal: HERR envisions a nurturing space within the beauty industry, one that champions self-love and mental wellness. We aspire to be remembered not just for our top-notch products but for the heart, passion, and unwavering dedication that pulses through every challenge. At Herr Beauty, authenticity isn't a buzzword; it's our guiding light.

In wrapping up, Herr Beauty's journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the belief that beauty should be accessible, empowering, and kind.

Join us as we continue to challenge norms, inspire confidence, and celebrate the unique beauty in each one of you.


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