Herr Beauty Co. Guide: Eye Shapes Decoded

Herr Beauty Co. Guide: Eye Shapes Decoded

Hello, lash lovelies! 💖

Ever stared at yourself in the mirror, wondering which lash style would make your eyes pop? We feel you! At Herr Beauty, we're all about celebrating the uniqueness of every eye shape. Let's dive into the world of lashes and find out which style is your soulmate!

Doll Eye vs. Cat Eye: What's the Difference?
Before we delve into the specifics for each eye shape, let's clear up some lash lingo. Ever heard of the Doll Eye look? It's all about lashes that are longest in the center, giving your eyes a wide, open appearance, reminiscent of, well, a doll's eyes! On the other hand, the Cat Eye look is all about drama. It emphasizes lashes that are longer on the outer corners, creating a sultry, almond-shaped appearance that mimics the mysterious eyes of our feline friends. Now that we're all on the same page, let's get to the fun part!

1. Monolid Marvels:
If your lids are sans crease, congrats, you're rocking the monolid look! Think of your eyes as a blank canvas, ready for some lash art. Steer clear of super dense lashes; they're just party crashers. Instead, opt for light criss-crossed lashes like Herr ScandalHerr Empress, or Volume 3. Feeling adventurous? Try a cat-eye or doll-eye look and let those eyes shine!

2. Awesome Almond:
Can't spot the whites below your iris when you're giving that straight-ahead mirror gaze? Hello, almond eyes! Whether you're feeling bold with HERR Monarch or going subtle with Herr Crown, you're in for a treat. And hey, the Doll eye look ? It's like the cherry on top for you!

3. Rockin' Round:
If you can spot a hint of white below your iris, you're in the round-eye club! But remember, thick lashes are not your BFFs. Aim for styles like Herr Crown, Herr Basic B, Herr Busy B, or Herr Empress to get that purr-fect cat-eye look.

4. Hypnotic Hooded:
Got that mysterious hooded look where the eyelid crease plays hide and seek? Channel your inner Blake Lively and go for a doll-eye vibe. Herr Crown is your go-to, with its dimension that makes your eyes pop. And if you're feeling flirty, our Herr Empress or Volume 2 DIY Lash segments are just the thing for a touch of drama without going full-on glam.

5. Ultra Upturned:
Draw a line across your eyes, and if the outer corners are throwing a little party above that line, you've got upturned eyes. From bold choices like Herr Monarch and Herr Queen V to the slightly subdued Herr Crown or Herr Majesty, you're spoilt for choice!

6. Dreamy Downturned:
If the outer corners are having a chill session below that imaginary line, welcome to the downturned eyes squad! Channel your inner Marilyn or Katie with natural-looking lashes. Styles like Basic B, Busy B, Scandal, Empress, and Crown are your allies. But hey, don't be shy to experiment with different styles!

At Herr Beauty, we've crafted our lashes to be 100% customizable. Our lashes are like those versatile wardrobe pieces – they fit every occasion, every mood, and every eye shape. Play around, mix and match, and find your signature look!

Stay fabulous and keep batting those beautiful lashes! 💋