Herr Beauty Co. Guide: We Want You To Reuse Your Lashes

Hey Lash Lovelies! đź’–

We all adore the fluttery magic that our lashes bring, but did you know that with a little TLC, your HerrLash segments can go the extra mile? Yep, it's all about the care, darling! Let's dive into the world of lash care and ensure those beauties last longer, keep their shape, and stay as fabulous as you are!

1. Application Artistry:
When it comes to applying your HerrLash segments, precision is key. Always:

  • Follow the instructions to the T.
  • Start with squeaky-clean lashes. No residues, please!

2. Daily Cleansing Ritual:
Your DIY lash extensions need their daily spa! Clean them using a lash extensions shampoo. Pro tip: diluted baby shampoo is a gentle, tear-free alternative. Use a clean mascara spoolie, give them a gentle cleanse, and pat dry.

3. Gentle Removal:
Be kind to your lashes during removal. Opt for a dual-phase eye makeup remover for a smooth process. And remember, always place them back in their case until their next cleaning session.

4. Cleaning for Reuse:
Ready to give your lashes a refresh? Soak them in 95% or higher isopropyl alcohol for at least 15 minutes. Post-soak, place them on a lint-free sheet and gently rub the lash band to bid adieu to the adhesive. Brush them out with a mascara wand and let them air dry.

5. Storage Secrets:
Not planning to wear your lash segments immediately? Store them with care. Our HerrLash containers are crafted to keep your segments safe and sound. Just place them back on the adhesive strip on the lash card.

Lash Don'ts:

  • Wearing mascara over your HerrLash segments.
  • Yanking your HerrLash segments off sans remover.
  • Overloading with adhesive.

Remember, your lashes are an extension of your beauty (pun intended!). Treat them with love, and they'll keep you looking stunning, time and again.





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