We are very proud to be working with some amazing small business owners! If you see someone in your area, reach out and support these women by ordering your products directly through them, or availing of their services.

SML Beauty

Sherry is a beauty enthusiast and is a consultant for Seint cosmetics. She is located on the west coast of Newfoundland in a little town called Massey Drive. She has taken on Herr Beauty's HerrLash DIY Lash Extensions system to expand her revenue options!

Pretty Little Pieces Boutique

Aimie is a mommy & a wife in Warman, Saskatchewan. She built this business by obtaining quality products she loved and reselling them at her boutique. Check out her website or walk into the store to shop!

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Vintage Beauty - High river, Alberta

My name is Amy and I am so glad you are here!! I have always been into the esthetic industry! I have 16 years of experience with so many parts of this industry and Vintage Beauty is my newest aspect of that! I have learned truly how important our skin is and how we need to ensure we take proper care of it! 

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Caper Gym Fitness - Inverness, NS

Shirley is the creator and owner of Caper Gym and Fitness. She loves to help people and have meaningful conversations about their health goals. Shirley believes that there is no greater gift in life than good health and in order to keep going, you need to keep moving.

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