Why Herr Beauty DIY Lash Extensions?

Why Herr Beauty DIY Lash Extensions?


On average, a full set of eyelash extensions costs $100. That can get expensive when you typically need a fill every 3-4 weeks. Herr Beauty DIY lash extensions cost less than $10 per set, and may be reused.


It is more difficult to maintain or to take a break from your traditional, salon applied lash extensions. A break from your lash extensions requires you to wait for them to fall off, or take them off yourself and risk damaging your lashes.

Herr Beauty DIY Lash Extensions are easily removable with the “Pretty In Pink Cluster Lash Remover”. After you remove your lashes, just soak them in our “Lash Laundry” solution and they're good-to-go for when you want your lashes again!

Perfect alternative to mascara

Mascara can be so frustrating to take off, especially everyday; the constant rubbing to remove it can cause damage to your lashes. Mascara causes your lashes to look more clumpy and often leaves fall out under your eyes (not cute).

Herr Beauty DIY Lashes are perfect for a night out and leave no fall-out or smudging under your eyes. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up, after a night out, with no black residue under your eyes when you've forgotten to take off your mascara?! The biggest problem you might have is a lash or two not fully intact which is an easy fix with our “everlas(h)ting bond”.

Less damaging

When getting lash extensions consistently, it may cause your lashes to break, fall out and become weaker. Traditional lash extension adhesive and solvents come with ingredients that are damaging to your natural lashes and to your health. Two of the most concerning ingredients are formaldehyde and cyanoacrylate. Our lash bonds are free of these ingredients as well as latex and other common allergens. Herr Beauty DIY Lash Extension system is designed with lash health as the top priority. Our Pretty-in-Pink remover and Prime Time Lash Prep are two staple products to safely remove the clusters and protect your natural lashes. Using our Tri-Peptide lash and brow serum while wearing your DIY lash extensions will add the extra protection needed to ensure your lashes are remaining healthy.

Great for people on the go

People that live active lifestyles may not want the full commitment of lash extensions so Herr Beauty DIY Lash extensions are great alternative. If a sport, job, or service requires you to not have false lashes, they are very easy to remove and save to re-apply. If finding time to get your lashes done is a constant issue, Herr Beauty DIY lashes are so easy to learn to do at home.

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