Top 3 Products to Up your Lash Game

Top 3 Products to Up your Lash Game

1. Prime Time Lash Prep
The Prime Time Lash Prep is a pre-treatment to remove proteins and oils from your lids and lashes before applying your lash segments.

This step further prepares the surface for a stronger bond and increases the retention. The secret to longer lasting lashes is to start with a primed surface. This is must have before each set of lashes to ensure you get the best wear out of every set!

It’s a gentle formula created to cleanse impurities and oils from your natural lashes before starting your DIY lash application. What's so special about this primer? This primer is alcohol-free and contains ingredients that work like a magnet to attract our flexible cluster lash adhesive. Its Vegan, Cruelty Free Gluten, Paraben & Sulfate and Phalates Free.

How to use : Apply Pre-treatment to natural lashes using a cleansing brush or lint-free pad. Allow to dry before applying lash clusters.

2. Liquid Lash Coating

Do you find you wish you got a little longer out of each set of lashes?

This is the perfect product for you! You can purchase it in one of our starter kits or on its own.

This ultimate sealer is designed to help semi-cure flexible cluster lash bonds, while simultaneously nourishing the lash with hyaluronic acid and increasing the retention of lash clusters. It helps to protect your lashes from outside factors that may cause them to wear off sooner.

How to use:

Just swipe it on like mascara after your lashes are set in place where you like and boom they have a protective layer.

3. Pretty in Pink Cluster Lash remover
This dual-phase formula removes cluster lashes without tugging or pulling. This solution will effectively dissolve all traces of lash adhesive.

It is the best way to ensure you don't damage your natural lashes when removing segments.

How to use:

Shake well. Soak a lint-free wipe and soak lashes for 30 seconds.

Using a lint-free wipe, or silicone spoolie, slowly push the segment away from your natural lash. If there is resistance, re apply the cluster remover and try again.

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